How Covid-19 will affect the London Property Market

If we thought Brexit’s economic downturns would severely affect the London property market, we likely did not see Covid-19 coming. The UK is thought to be facing a severe recession. Yet, the growth rate of London property prices is predicted to gently rise in the next year, so what does this mean for UK property and the London property market? After being frozen since March 2020, the reopening of the...


Is 2020 a good time to buy property in London?

There seems to be a fair bit of debate regarding the state of the property and real estate market during the 2020 pandemic. An urban exodus and relocation to rural areas have led to a record high in average UK 2020 house prices (4.7% increase by September), which in some respects would seem to predict a decline in London prices.  Yet, against all odds after few months of flatlining, London's average...

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