Family Homes in St John’s Wood – What Roads Are Best?

St. John’s Woods is currently one of the best places for family homes. Continue reading for a comprehensive area guide to learn for yourself why this neighbourhood is so great. 

St John’s wood is an ideal place to live in if you’re looking for an exclusive place to match your flavorful personality. Nestled in Northwest London, the location is not far from the rest of the city. In fact, St. John’s Wood is only two tube stops away from Bond Street. 

While the city is only a quick stop away, St John’s Wood is not bland on its own. It has excellent bars, restaurants, and shops for local residents. It is easy to lose yourself in the area with everything that it offers. 

St. Johns Wood Overview

An up-market residential location, St. John’s Wood is a grand village in the Northwestern region of London. But, what makes it such a desirable place to live in? The location is fairly close to the city but enjoys tranquil seclusion. St. John’s Woods strikes that perfect balance that people usually want from these areas away from their houses. 

Moments away from the west end, the villa-style housing range and neighbourhood amenities are all major attractions. Plenty of bars and restaurants leave no reason for you to pass on this delightful enclave. With picturesque houses sweeping along Regent’s Park and its outdoor sports area, the St. John’s Wood is a stunning place to live. It also has Primrose Hills and its gorgeous views.

St. John’s wood is perfect, with zero downsides that would persuade you to leave. That is the reason many young professionals choose to begin their London life here. With a busy high street, multicultural neighbourhood, and excellent schools, St. John’s wood has everything needed to make a strong community.

The Best Roads in St. John’s Woods for Family Homes

  1. John’s Woods makes an ideal place for family homes. But, what are the best roads to rent or buy a property?

Grove End Road

Grove End Road is one of the most popular areas in the district for family homes. It is a top choice for new families moving into John’s Wood as you can find nearly all necessary amenities here. From shops to restaurants, residents have everything they need.

Fun Fact: The Beatles’ fans gather every day at the Grove End Road zebra crossing to recreate the iconic cover image of the Fab Four. 

Circus Road

Only a few minutes’ walk away from the High Street, Circus Road is situated in the heart of St. John’s Wood. The Regent’s Park is 0.6 miles away, with the John’s Wood Underground Station situated at a distance of 0.2 miles. It should be your number one choice to rent or buy a family home if you prefer bustling areas.

Elm Tree Road

Family homes in St. John’s Wood are famous for their architectural designs. If you’re interested in renting or buying a picturesque Georgian or Victorian-style house, then Elm Road is the place for it. You can find a variety of homes, from detached and semi-detached to apartments and gated houses. 

Let’s explore further what makes St. John’s Wood an ideal place for family homes. 

Property and Architecture

Originally, St. John’s Wood was part of the great Forest of Middlesex. The tranquil village even got its name from the Knights of the Order of Jerusalem’s St. John. Due to its medieval ownership, it remained a pastoral place until the nineteenth century. 

Even when they started building, the architects were determined to preserve the rural charm of the village. Today, St. John’s Wood combines both old and modern property and architecture. You will find Cottage Ornes, Victorian Gothic houses, as well as Victorian and Georgian terraces. 

It has plenty of architecture that pays homage to English heritage as well as modern luxury blocks. So whether you’re looking for private luxury facilities, Victorian bungalows, or mansion flats, St. John’s Woods has it all.

House hunters can look up the architectural diversity of St. John’s Wood on avenue road. Our experts at Laurence Leigh Residential can help you find the best family homes in St. John’s Wood. 

Culture and Lifestyle

Residents of St. John’s Wood do not need to leave the area to enjoy a relaxing weekend after a busy week. It provides the locals with amazing nightlife. You can find plenty of pubs and restaurants throughout the area. 

You can take a brisk leisurely walk along the St. John’s canal every evening. Or go out for tasty treats and wine on the weekends. Not to mention, you will also find several coffee bar options to relax after a stressful week at work. 

The multicultural district is diverse, with pubs and gastropubs for people of all tastes. For instance, Soutine is an excellent Parisian café and restaurant, while you can visit The Winery in Little Venice for a fantastic wine-tasting experience. The Ivy Café on High Street and the Oslo Court on Charlbert Street are among the best place for casual dining in St. John’s Wood.

Talking about the multicultural nature of the district, there are various cultural institutions to be found here. From churches and synagogues to mosques, St. John’s Woods features distinctive religious institutions and places of worship.

Local Amenities

St. John’s Wood has all the local amenities that a resident can ask for. For instance, you will find pay and display parking along the High Street. The High Street is also famous for familiar and unique shops that specifically emphasize family. 

You will find a variety of old established shops and modern boutiques jostling for position around the High Street. Melissa Riva Flowers, situated on Allitsen Road, is a flower shop that sells vases, flowers and arrangements. They also take up flower décor for events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

If you’re a fan of Italian food, you will Bruno’s Deli and Fishmonger’s coastline on St. John’s Wood’s Abbey Road. The eatery serves delicious Italian cuisine, including mouthwatering sandwiches and ice-creams. 

When it comes to delis, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are located at a mile’s distance from Finchley Road. On the other hand, Harry Morgan’s is the most famous and largest deli restaurant in London, let alone St. John’s Wood. And if you’re an international family starting London life soon, then Panzer’s Deli is just for you. The deli stocks various international food items for St. John’s Woods international residents. 


The residential areas in St. John’s Wood are situated in a central location, making transportation incredibly hassle-free. Residents can easily and quickly get about using the different transport options available. 

Tube: You will find an underground tube station on the Jubilee Line in Zone 2. Five minutes away, St. John’s Wood’s station links with Bond Street. Meanwhile, the South Hampstead station nearby connects to the overground line.

Rail: An easily accessible railway station is also available at South Hampstead. Overland services from Marylebone and Paddington stations provide transportation links with Wales, West Country, Heathrow, Bristol, and Birmingham. 

Bus: Several local bus routes connect in all directions in St. John’s Wood. The day buses include the 46 (towards Farringdon), 13 (towards Aldwych), 274 (towards Islington), 139 (towards Waterloo), and 82 (towards Victoria). N13 and N113 are the two-night buses in St. John’s Wood.

Educational Institutes

St. John’s Wood is an excellent place for families because of its strong ties with education. The educational institutions are a combination of state and independent schools with several universities close by. 

American School in London is the most famous, oversubscribe private institution here. Boasting an Ofsted rating, it takes children between the ages of four and eighteen. French Lycee is another schooling system providing alternative education to the traditional British educational system.

St. Christina’s, Francis Holland, Robinsfield, and Abercorn School are further options for parents interested in private education for their kids. Quintin Kynaston is also highly sought after, with George Eliot State Junior School being another great option.

Green Spaces

Primrose Hill is a fantastic green space that allows visitors to enjoy dramatic London views. You might even spot celebrities like Harry Styles and Daniel Craig in a park in St. John’s Wood. 

Regent’s Park is another beautiful green space boasting a large outdoor sports centre. Spanning over 41 acres of green land, it features stunning rose gardens and boating lakes. In other words, St. John’s Wood is perfect for weekly or monthly family picnics. 

St. John’s Wood Church Ground might be the only Local Nature Reserve in St. John’s Wood. It is a disused graveyard turned into a stunning, award-winning park. The large Park has a wildlife area, playground, and formal gardens.

Property Guide

Let’s have a look at a brief property guide in St. John’s Wood. 


St. John’s Wood has an NW8 postcode as the district is located in the City of Westminster. Also, part of the parliamentary constituent, band A properties in St. John’s Wood, must pay a council tax bill worth £445.87. On the other hand, band D properties must pay £668.81, with band H properties paying £1,337.62.

Housing Stock

Brick villas in St. John’s Wood are just a short brisk walk away from central London. Yet, you will find a distinctive charm in this region’s properties. These typically include large mansions, mews houses, and portered blocks. On that note, it is vital to note that most houses in St. John’s Wood are under the protection of the English Heritage. 

Property Pricing

The typical estimated prices of houses in St. John’s Wood are as follows:

  • Detached house: £7,529,731
  • Semi-detached house: £3,832,143
  • Terraced house: £2,525,500
  • Two-bedroom apartment: £980,052


The numerous attractions and excellent location may be the primary reasons attracting people in Europe and worldwide. But, it is St. John’s Wood’s abundant amenities and infrastructure that make visitors stay and make the district their home. 

The district is suitable for families and young professionals alike. No matter the roads or streets you choose, St. John’s Wood is a convenient, hassle-free place to live. 

Laurence Leigh Residential is ideal if you’re looking to buy or rent a property in St. John’s Wood. We are an independent state agency looking to build long-term relationships with new residents of the district. 


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