Golf Courses in North West London

Golf can be an incredibly fun and exciting sport to both watch and play. It has a rich tradition and history, which attracts many new individuals to take up the sport. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the right golf course can make a major difference. 

Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a golf course if you want to enjoy your golfing experience. Making the right pick becomes especially important when planning a golfing vacation. 

Golf is especially popular in London, particularly in the North West London region. As such, many golfers prefer taking a trip to North West London for their golfing vacation. So, how can you choose the perfect golf course for you?

Budget, amenities, layout, condition, quality, and the practice range are just a few things that make a golf course particularly great. Here are your best golf course options in North West London. 

Finchley Golf Club

Finchley was designed by James Braid, a five-time winner of the Open Championship. The Golf Club is a charming clubhouse, attracting many visiting golf players in the UK and worldwide. The clubhouse was originally a Victorian private mansion. 

Today, the grand family mansion is a picturesque clubhouse that kept its Victorian beauty and features. Finchley is stunning, making it one of the finest golfing challenges in North London. 

It is ideal if you’re looking for unique golf course amenities in North West London. Finchley Golf Club’s clubhouse includes a bar, shoe room, showers, changing rooms, and two restaurants. It also has a terrace overlooking the twelfth and eighteenth greens.

The Pro Shop at Finchley Golf Club is another popular amenity that includes much more than golfing equipment. You will also find refreshments and clothing here.

Hendon Golf Club

Are you and your golfing friends looking for a memorable golf trip holiday experience together? It would be great to use an estate agent like Laurence Leigh Residential to rent a property near Hendon Golf Club. 

After all, the activities and attractions are the top things that fill a sports trip with fun and make it memorable. The Hendon Golf Club is an excellent golf course for golf players staying in London. It is the perfect venue for playing golf and celebrating special events like social and business programs.

Approaching its 125th anniversary, Hendon Golf Club was founded in 1903. The golf course is set in a refreshing parkland setting, 8 miles away from Central London.

Duke Meadows Golf

Are you and your friends looking to improve your golf game during your trip to London? While the trip needs to be fun, it should also help improve your stroke. Duke Meadows Golf is the perfect golf course to visit if you wish to practice golf. 

You can visit Duke Meadows Golf for a quick golf game that is bound to fine-tune your golfing techniques and skills. It is one of those golf clubs that is bound to teach new strategies to beginner golfers. 

Duke Meadows is a nine-hole golf course ideal for short-game practice. The fifty-bay driving range is also part of the experience.

What is the best thing about this golf club? Here, 12 PGA golf professionals offer the best golf coaching in London. You can either get weekly swing coaching or independent individual or group coaching. 

Trent Park

Trent Park Golf Course is the club to visit when you can’t travel a long distance to enjoy quality golf. Only twenty minutes from Central London, it is the most easily accessible golf course in the city.

Situated on Picadilly Line, Trent Park is just off the Oakwood Station. Visiting golfers in the city usually use underground transportation to get to the golf course. The location provides players with a picturesque view as the golf course is set between the woods and Trent Park.

Trent Park Golf course is one of London’s finest, well-maintained courses. It is a proud member of the Gold Crown and American Golf Discount. 


TopGolf began in 2000 when the Jolliffe brothers were practising swings on a driving range. The birth of TopGolf gave them just what they wanted, a place to improve their skills and have fun.

The golf course combines a fun-filled experience with competitive opportunities. TopGolf is no less than an outdoor dartboard- except that it’s for golf and exceptionally large. When playing, golfers hit their micro-chipped golf balls, placing their target on an outfield. 

For the competition, the high-tech golf balls record the distance and accuracy of each shot. You must go as close to the centre as possible to get the most points. As such, TopGolf provides you with an opportunity to play an innovative point-scoring golf game.

TopGolf is not your average golf course; instead, it is the best venue for a night out with friends and an unbeatable fun time with family. Furthermore, you will find an awesome menu and refreshing cocktails to fuel your body and satisfy your vacation cravings.

Bottom Line

London is one of the top cities to visit worldwide, especially if you like playing golf. You will find some of the finest, jaw-dropping golf courses in the city. 

The highly innovative and tech-powered gold clubs in London are the primary reasons golfers prefer visiting the city. You can also explore educational and adventurous golf clubs with your friends or family during your visit to London. 

The golf courses mentioned above promise a fun-filled experience for all their visitors. Yet, these golf courses help golfers improve their game and learn new strategies and techniques. On that note, you have made the right decision by planning a sports trip to London. 

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