Property Management

Whatever the type and wherever the property, Laurence Leigh Residential can help to manage it. 

Laurence Leigh Residential strives to provide property management services in all of our residential properties, giving clients and end users the highest level of service at all times. We offer property management expertise specific to the residential property market in London.

Property management gives us the opportunity to afford our clients a level of value-add. Adding value to assets is our primary focus, along with providing real insight and forward-thinking advice from our flexible and knowledgable team.

Our customer-first approach combined with an in-depth knowledge of property enables us to deliver reliable property management services to clients, and to offer an enhanced experience for occupiers and residents.

Laurence Leigh Residential will offer to:
  • Pay current outgoings such as ground rent and service charge and supplier invoices when demands are sent to Laurence Leigh Residential providing we are holding sufficient funds to cover them. We are entitled to accept and pay without question demands and accounts which appear to be in order, though we will use our reasonable endeavours to query any obvious discrepancies. Please note you are expected to instruct your insurance company, Managing Agent etc in writing to arrange for them to send their accounts to us. We cannot accept responsibility for the adequacy of any insurance cover or for the verification of service/maintenance charge demands, or estimates where applicable.
  • Deal with day-to-day management matters including minor works up to a maximum of £250.00 (excluding VAT) for any one item without further instruction from you. In order to provide this service a float would be set up (a maximum of £300.00 if rental payments are received monthly; or £600.00 if rental payments are received quarterly) from the initial payment of rent and maintained at the agreed level from subsequent net rents passing from the Tenant to yourself. Please note that we are unable to arrange works prior to a letting unless we are holding sufficient funds from you to cover those anticipated costs
  • Instruct, at your expense, an annual Gas Safety Report and provide a copy to you and the Tenant. In addition, we will arrange for the renewal of the Gas Safety Report should it expire during a Tenancy period.
  • Where instructed by you, arrange at your expense for Electrical Safety Tests (PAT and NICEIC) of all appliances, plugs, sockets and wiring, and in the event that works are required to be undertaken prior to the letting, to liaise with you about instructing an electrician to carry these out.
  • Arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to be obtained at your expense prior to marketing the property, if you do not already have a valid one.
  • Arrange at your expense for the Property to be professionally cleaned prior to the commencement of the Tenancy even if the Tenancy does not go ahead.
  • Carry out a routine visit to the Property twice a year (if no serious defect requiring investigation has been reported to us in the meantime) and report to you on each occasion. We cannot be held responsible for any defects within the Property whether latent or otherwise
  • Arrange and pay from rent received the costs of any cleaning and minor repairs, on a change of tenancy during the management appointment.
  • When managing a property let privately or by another Estate Agent, Laurence Leigh Residential will require copies of the Tenancy Agreement, inventory, applicant guarantees or warranties, tenancy references and any other relevant notices or documents relating to the property. We will require a set of keys for the property for emergency purposes.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance our appointment to manage is for the duration of the tenancy as defined in this Agreement, subject to three months written notice to terminate on either side.

We emphasise that our standard management service, as set out above does not apply when the Property is not let.

Management Service

Management Service commission is an additional 5% plus VAT of the total rent payable for the entire length of the Tenancy, payable from and at the same frequency as the Rent received (The person to whom the Letter is addressed (i.e. you the Client) is personally responsible for payment of our fees, costs and charges. If more than one party is to be responsible, the Letter should be signed by all relevant parties and their liability will be joint and several.

Where the Property is owned by a company, the client is the company and in addition to accepting liability on behalf of the company, each person signing the Letter personally guarantees payment by the company of our fees, costs and charges.

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