st johns wood

The History of St John’s Wood

Located in Westminster, St John's Wood is a prosperous haven away from the hustle and bustle of London. An abundance of greenery permeates every neighbourhood, lending a fresh herbal aroma to the air. There are two notable landmarks in this part of Westminster: the Lord's Cricket Ground and the Abbey Road Studios.   It's intriguing to envision what St. John's Wood was like before the opulent homes...

Will London property prices continue to rise this year?

The COVID pandemic resulted in a spike in house prices and a buying spree for 18 months. However, experts are now unsure whether it will end the house price boom in 2022 or not.  According to Halifax, property prices in the United Kingdom increased at a quicker pace in 2021 than in any calendar year since 2004. However, when it comes to London, it is a bit different. According to HM Land Registry...

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